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With his fragile style, translucent figure, abundant ash-gray hair, unchanging physical appearance and his uncategorisable, kaleidoscopic personality, the Malaysian singer Shake is back for the greater pleasure of all. He made it big in the mid-1970s with a launch to stardom worthy of a fairy-tale. He was singled out in a Malaysian bar by a couple of girls who were so charmed by his voice that they sent him a one-way plane ticket to France. Spotted by Orlando, Shake stimulated French popular music with the eclecticism, open-mindedness and a breath of fresh air that had often been sorely lacking. And success came pretty quickly. Shake is someone who, unlike other renowned vocalists of the time, their renditions artificially confined and beefed up in a studio, has a naturally sonorous and supple voice, as incomparable as it is resonant. And as a secret fan of rock and roll, he also has a powerful voice that can match the best rock frontmen.

But the epoch was marked by romanticism and the Malaysian singer created a music that is infinitely personal, comes straight at you and tells the story of a beating heart. A whole string of catchy hits with a few memorable nuggets such as “You know I love you” which, after his appearance on the “Rendez vous du dimanche” talk show hosted by Michel Drucker, sold 40 000 units in one day. Other hits include Quand on ne peut pas avoir la fille qu’on aime (When you can’t have the girl you love), Je chante cette chanson pour toi (I’m singing this song for you), Rien n’est plus beau que l’amour (Nothing is more beautiful than love), La fille que j’attendais (The girl I was waiting for), Soleil aide moi (Help me, Sun), L’étranger au paradis (The foreigner in heaven), Elle s’en va (She’s going away), Avec elle (With her) and, naturally, Let me be your number one.

These are real pearls whose nostalgia never goes stale and which were not only successful in French-speaking countries but also in Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain and in Asia where he was granted the title of “Dato” (Sir) and knighted by the King of Malaysia for having represented and introduced Malaysia to a European public.

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  • 2nd Day Raya -

    On 7 a.m at MHI, TV3x

    1st Day Raya -

    Astro Prima 9pm Concert Raya "Pulanglah" Dato Shake with Malaysia/France Musiciansx

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